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I just found out that Google just took my permission, without asking, to show my mug and name with Google AdWords ads. I’m not cool with that.

Google Ad Endorsements

No, that’s not me…

Google calls them “Shared Endorsements” and seems to have the permission enabled by default.

Do You Want To Be Google’s (Unpaid) Sales Person?

Google gets paid per click. So they now try to use your endorsements to increase the number of clicks they get on the ads they sell.

You decide for yourself. The whole “spiel” is explained on (need to be logged in).

Google Ad Endorsements - checked

At the bottom of that page you will see the pre-checked checkmark – do with it want you want! (I unselected it and hit SAVE!! 😉 )

Yes, I'm sure...

Yes, I’m sure…

Google Ad Endorsements - unchecked


Google Plus? They should call it Google Checkmark!

What do you think?


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