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Each new web development project starts with a massive task: finding the right WordPress theme. Each website has its own purpose, its own desired functionality, its own envisioned style.

Now, I do have a number of theme development companies that I frequently go to. Usually I have a membership with them (often required in order to get support) but sometimes I only buy the one theme I need.

Free And Premium WordPress Themes – Lots Of Them

Getting a good overview of all those WP themes, their functionality and personality is a very time-consuming project, though. So I am happy to report that I found a site that makes finding the right site template a little easier, because it has a lot of WordPress themes (free and paid), neatly categorized and with plenty of screenshots so I don’t have to leave that site before looking at a demo or clicking the “buy” button.


Screenshot of - Find WordPress Themes Here

So take a look at this site; it’s called

I think you’ll like it! 🙂