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I had problems opening unzipped files. They were green. A little research brought me a solution to my problems – maybe you can use this solution as well…

Green files and folders - encrypted?!

I read somewhere that it may be some sort of issue with them being from a Mac…

Here is a simple solution:

  1. Create a new compressed (zipped) folder (right click > New > Compressed (zipped) folder). Either on your desktop, or (what I did) in the same folder where your green files reside. I named my new zip file
  2. Then copy the files with green text into this new zipped folder. Doing this normally decrypts them, so open the zipped folder to see if the files still have green text afterwards. In my case they were nice and black again.
  3. Unzip your new zip file, and your unzipped files are now black and ready to be used!


Thank you for the solution!