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Not for the first time I have encountered a situation where I lost my link to the WordPress Dashboard in the admin section. It’s just gone!

Of course I Googled it (again), and I hope that by logging the solution here on the blog I won’t have to search for the solution again.

How To Get Your WP Dashboard Back

This blog post on WordPress’ support forum pointed me in the right direction (thank you Ipstenu!). I threw out the plugins that were inactive, deactivated the active ones and reactivated them again in bunches of 2.

WP Tweaks plugin - WordPress Dashboard DisabledThe cupritt proved to be the WP Tweaks plugin, which has a “Disable Dashboard” function. And for some reason (I suspect an upgrade of the plugin) ALL fields were checked, rather than the ones I selectively checked before.

Luckily everything went back to normal after checking the proper fields for this plugin.