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Adrotate support ticket for Unknown column 'fallback' in 'field listI could not create my first ad group for the Adrotate plugin on one of my new blogs. Weird, I have used Adrotate on a number of my blogs without any problems. The error message I got was

Unknown column ‘fallback’ in ‘field list’

I Googled the error message and could only find out that it had something to do with MySQL? Not being a programmer I did not want to mess with a MySQL database, so I did the next best thing: contact the plugin developer. As usual (I have contacted him a few times earlier) Arnan de Gans was quick to come up with a suggestion:

De-activate AdRotate, then re-activate. This should fix the issue.

If it doesn’t go to settings > AdRotate, and use the uninstall option. Then re-activate.
(This will result in loosing your plugin settings and data!)


That’s simple enough…

And it worked.

As I said before, I am not a programmer, so I don’t even want to think about what might have caused this problem. But the solution was simple enough:

First unplug it

The Plug it back in

Technology can be so weird sometimes…

Thanks Arnan!