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How To Find A Phone Number?

The Internet is a great tool, with so much information available. We more and more rely on what we can find in the search engines as oppose to asking a question by phone or browsing through books. But it is all about knowing where to FIND it... So - how do I find a...

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How To Solve WordPress Image Upload Errors

Software and Computers and wonderful. That is, if they work. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff stops working after a while. For whatever reason. Today I am having a problem with WordPress - again. Somewhere in the back of my mind it lingers - haven't I seen this type...

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Cool ALT Key Codes

When I wrote about keyboard shotcuts for special French characters, I thought I'd spend some time on researching other ALT key codes as well. A number of them I already knew; as a Dutchie I am using some ALT codes quite a lot, for special characters like ë (ALT+137),...

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